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Safety Deposit Box
Description Adds a safety deposit box to Lorekeeper
Author(s) user:Preimpression
Status Testing
Github extension/safety-deposit-box
LK Version 2.1.1
Contains a Migration

This creates a Safety Deposit Box based on Neopets for users to store items they don't want to risk using in crafting, submissions, etc. Users can deposit items to their safety deposit box from the user inventory and then withdraw from the Safety Deposit Box. All Notes and Data on these stacks is maintained, therefore during withdrawal, it will include the data in the logs.

Currently, storage of character-owned items isn't supported, but I am always open to PRs and community expansion.


Pull the branch and run the following commands in your console:

php artisan migrate - This adds the applicable database tables and columns.

php artisan update-extension-tracker - This adds the extension to your Credits page.

php artisan optimize - Should do this in general when installing any extension to clear and re-cache your routes. You may need to do this twice.

It is recommended that you read Tutorial: Installing Extensions for MERGING and TROUBLESHOOTING before proceeding.

Screenshot of Safety Deposit Box in Use
Screenshot of Safety Deposit Box in Use.



There is room to extend this to include other types of things, such as pets or awards, but those don't come out of the box. Currency is planned, but not yet released.

Lang File Included

If you'd like to change the url or display name of your safety deposit box you can edit the file resources/lang/en/safetydeposit.php For instance, where it currently says ['url' => 'safetydeposit'], you can change it to ['url' => 'storage'].


Users can go to their inventories and hit the button that says "Safety Deposit Box" (or whatever you've changed your lang to) to see their own. Users can't see other users' safety deposit boxes, nor can admins.