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Embed Service
Description Uses packages to enable data retrieval using URLs
Author(s) Draginraptor
Status Stable
Github embed_service
LK Version Unspecified
Uses a Package

This adds the EmbedController and EmbedService, which makes use of the oscarotero/Embed library. Requires some familiarity with programming as the additions made had DeviantArt oEmbed in mind and will likely need customisation to suit your needs. Adds a simple setup for querying URLs in order to retrieve data, such as oEmbed data from DeviantArt, where you can get the image source url. Does not change the site at all.


You will need to install the oscarotero/Embed library and have at least one of these PSR-7 libraries. The composer.json has already been updated to include these libraries, so if you're not worried about customisation, just run composer update after pulling the branch.


The extension is pretty bare bones so you may want to edit some of the code yourself before using it.

The EmbedController currently filters out URLs that aren't related to DeviantArt. This is done using a list of regex patterns, so if you want to allow other URLs you'll just have to add the regex to the list. Alternatively, if you don't want to filter any links out, remove the regex checks.

The EmbedService getEmbed function currently returns the oEmbed result specifically. However, not all URLs have an oEmbed result, so you may want to generalise. All relevant documentation can be found at the oscarotero/Embed library.


This does not affect the site at all and is intended as a quickstart for using the oscarotero/Embed library, where a Service and Controller has been set up, along with a relevant route.


You can always find Draginraptor via the Lorekeeper Discord server for help. Feel free to report bugs as well. I can try to help you customise the extension to your needs, but I can't make promises.

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