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Deactivate Accounts
Description Allow admins and users to deactivate their accounts.
Author(s) Preimpression
Status testing
Github extension/deactivate_account
LK Version 2.1.0
Contains a Migration

Have your users ever asked for the ability to delete their accounts? Have you asked the Lorekeeper server only to be told that no, it's impossible, due to all the things linked to users?

This extension allows a sort of soft-deletion without any actual deletion. Acting similarly to Banning, this additionally hides data from user profiles and even allows users to reactivate if they so wish. It also removes rank, cancels any design updates, trades, and submissions, and makes display names somewhat transparent.

This also adjusts the user index to not show deactivated accounts but instead provides a new index for deactivated accounts.

Due to the fact that this will be merged into the next release of LK, the develop branch has been merged into it. If you're running v.2.0.0 and want to install it, you'll need to pull commit cc04431... instead of the most up to date.


  1. Pull the extension
  2. Ensure all conflicts are taken care of
  3. Run following commands:
- Run php artisan migrate
- Run php artisan optimize
- Run php artisan update-extension-tracker
- Run php artisan add-site-settings


There are three options in the site settings, all copied from the Blacklist options. These change how the link to the deactivated users link is shown - regardless, staff members will be able to access the page and will see the link.


If you don't want users to be able to reactivate, you can remove the button from their page. They'll be able to be reactivated by staff regardless.


Find me in the LK discord, Uri#6669 - feel free to tag me in your tickets!