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Description Reward users for collecting items
Author(s) CH3RVB, Draginraptor, Newt, Uri
Status stable
Github /extension/collections
LK Version 2.0
Contains a Migration

An extension built off of Extensions:Crafting System's code (with permission to be released to the public.) Admins can create a "collection", which in the extension's base form, includes only items, but it can be coded in to have other item requirements.

Thank you to Draginraptor for the original, as well as everyone else who contributed to it: Newt, Uri, and Newt for the tidbits I used from Extensions:Prompt Prerequisites


Pull the branch, handle any conflicts, and

 php artisan migrate 


 php artisan optimize 

You might not need to optimize, but migration is a requirement to make the extension function.


Guide to configure pending. If you know how to customize Crafting, you can easily add in more ingredients and rewards.


It's pretty much the same as Crafting, so things will be very similar. Completing a collection doesn't debit items, and they can only be completed once, so they can be used as a sticker book, themed item collection, or "achievement" system.

Collections can be locked behind a "parent" which will prevent users from completing it until the "parent" has been completed.


None yet


See it in action on my site:



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