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Character Transformations
Description Create alternate forms for characters to "swap" between
Author(s) CH3RVB (original code), Newt
Status stable
Github extension/character-transformations
LK Version 2.1.1
Contains a Migration

Allows the creation of "Transformations", special forms that characters can unlock. They display on profiles and can be added/created like subtypes.

Each image can have 1 form, but there isn't a limit to how many forms a character can have in TOTAL.

Unlike subtypes, however, if a character has any valid image with a transformation associated with it, you will be able to switch between the character's "main" image and all of its alternate forms on its page.

Buttons have been added to the character images page to let users quickly create a design update for a transformation image if it has many alternate traits.

Admins must create transformations from the admin panel, then users can add them to their characters.

Thanks to Newt for adding the ajax tabs and generally editing this ext!


php artisan migrate,php artisan update-extension-tracker,php artisan optimize after you edit the lang (see below)


Includes a lang file + compatibility to easily reskin how you want the name for the extension to appear. This file easily lets you change the names of frontfacing parts of the extension, so you could change "Transformation" to "Alt" or something else simply by editing it.

You can find this file at resources/lang/en/transformations.php Please only edit the RIGHTMOST part of the code here, so 'transformation' => 'New Word',. Thanks to Uri for the original idea/configuration guide!



Due to the way the extension pulls for alternate images, things can get a bit wacky and can end up having multiple images in the character's image tabs. After a user submits and approves a design update with a transformation, be sure to mark the old one of that form as "invalid" so that it won't appear anymore.

Please contact me if you find any bugs!

i'm SUPERCOOL in the lk server!


See it in action on my site with a few different character examples:

https://www.merlotarpg.com/character/RING-008 https://www.merlotarpg.com/character/RING-004 https://www.merlotarpg.com/character/MOTH-004

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