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Character Lineages
Description Adds lineages and basic genealogy to characters.
Author(s) Pure09/DeeP-ci
Status Release
Github extension/character-lineages
Contains a Migration

Characters can now have lineages, viewable on their main profile, with additional pages used to view their descendants! It does not add breeding, ONLY lineages.


Merge the branch into your lorekeeper installation, then run php artisan migrate! Keep in mind, this extension was built on the modified-main branch!


No configuration necessary.


  • Add lineages to character and MYO upon creation or after
  • Lineages appear on the main profile of a character, and are able to be edited by mods
  • Lineages can be autofilled based on any input parents & grandparents lineages
  • Lineage can contain a mix between character links or plain text, where desired
  • Option when editing lineages to search for any children and update their lineages to match the new changes
  • Adds pages to a character's profile to view any visible children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren


No issues known. Add a bug report to the github tracker or tag/dm @Pure09 in the Lorekeeper discord if any are found.

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