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Description Adds a captcha to the registration page.
Author(s) Mercury
Status Stable/Testing


Uses a Package

This adds a captcha to the registration page.


This makes use of anhskohbo/No-Captcha . There is now also a version making use of reCaptcha v3 using josiasmontag/laravel-recaptchav3 . In either case, pull the desired branch, then:

Installing packages with Composer:
Commands are given as composer [command]; if you have not installed composer globally, they will be php composer.phar [command] instead.
You may need to run composer self-update (assuming you have not recently) before installing package(s). If possible, update to composer v2.x; you may need to use the command composer self-update --2.
If feasible, run composer update.
If you encounter memory issues: Locally, run composer update. Copy the composer.lock file to your site's server.
Run composer install.


These instructions are derived from those on the package itself. Note that in this case Laravel will indeed auto-discover the package, so we skip directly to configuration.

First, obtain your secret and site keys from Google; you can do so here. For the original version: The captcha version and type are v2 and checkbox, respectively. The v3 version uses, of course, v3.

For the original version: Add NOCAPTCHA_SECRET and NOCAPTCHA_SITEKEY to your .env file, like so:


For the v3 version: Add RECAPTCHAV3_SITEKEY and RECAPTCHAV3_SECRET to your .env file, like so:


That's it! The remainder of the configuration is accounted for by this branch.


Nothing specific.


While it ought to be mostly stable, I'll not rule out that issues could arise. If they do, I'm available via the Lorekeeper discord!

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